The Beloved Community Is…

We recently announced our transition from Redemption Church Alhambra to Beloved Community. The term “The Beloved Community” gained popularity during the civil rights era, a period similar to our current times, marked by significant political, social, and economic polarization, and a fervent pursuit of justice. The ultimate goal of that era was described as a reconciled community of love, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and social and economic standings. Embracing the principles of the gospel and striving for unity in the midst of cultural tensions was termed “creating The Beloved Community.”

As a community of believers, we have embraced this vision, viewing it as a glimpse of the reconciled kingdom of God, united in worship. Starting on January 7th, we embark on a series titled “The Beloved Community is… .” This series aims to disciple our hearts, guiding us in living as a reconciled community of diverse individuals united on a mission for the glory of God. Over the course of 11 weeks, we will delve into 11 different themes that truly characterize The Beloved Community—themes we aspire to embody intentionally as a family.

We invite you to join us at our new service time of 10 am, as we collectively shape ourselves into The Beloved Community. Additionally, we extend an invitation to come and pray with us anytime between 9 am and 9:45 am in the sanctuary, allowing the Spirit to lead us into the internal and external calling that has been placed upon us. While there is no childcare during the 9 am prayer service, children are warmly welcome.

Series Schedule

  • 1/7: The Beloved Community is a Family  – Aaron Dailey
  • 1/14: A Hospitable Community  – Wayne Wynter
  • 1/21: An Intentional Community – Tim Dailey
  • 1/28: A Creative Community  – Wayne Wynter
  • 2/4: A Loving Community  – Aaron Dailey
  • 2/11: A Community Committed to Truth & Grace  – Wayne Wynter
  • 2/18: A Community that Embraces Diversity  – Aaron Dailey
  • 2/25: A Community that Recognizes the Image of God in All People –  Wayne Wynter
  • 3/3: A Community that Seeks Justice  – Linda Morris
  • 3/10: A Community that is Led by and Filled with the Spirit – Aaron Dailey
  • 3/17: A Community Committed to Word & Deed – Wayne Wynter

Recommended Resources

1. In “The Beloved Community,” theologian and award-winning author Charles Marsh traces the history of the spiritual vision that animated the civil rights movement and demonstrates how it remains a vital source of moral energy today.  

2.  In “Brothers in the Beloved Community,” Marc Andrus reveals the lesser-known story of the friendship between two giants of our time.  

3.   Explore a collection of quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. on the concept of “The Beloved Community.” 

4. Read an insightful article discussing the concept of “The Beloved Community” by Susan M. Pollak, available on Psychology Today.

5. Listen to Martin Luther King Jr. himself as he discusses “The Beloved Community.”

6. Delve into an excerpt from Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, “Where do we go from here?”

7. Gain insights into Representative John Lewis’s perspective on the Beloved Community.