Unveiling Providence: An Exploration of Esther

Join us as we embark on a captivating six-week journey through the intricate narrative of the book of Esther, commencing this Sunday at our 10am service.

Throughout this series, we delve into the overarching theme of…

Man’s plans and God’s providence

unraveling the complexities of how divine sovereignty intertwines with and supersedes human agency be it good or bad in the unfolding drama of Esther’s story.

Despite the absence of explicit mention of God in the book, we uncover His subtle yet unmistakable presence woven intricately into every chapter. Through a careful examination of Esther’s story, we’ll witness how divine providence navigates through the intricate tapestry of human intentions, showcasing God’s unwavering care for His people.

As we navigate through the twists and turns of Esther’s narrative, we invite you to engage in personal study, meditation, and reflection throughout the week. By cultivating a deeper understanding of the text, we prepare our hearts and minds to glean the profound truths embedded within.


Here is a general overview of the book of Esther:


For enhanced comprehension, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the scripture passages preceding each sermon. Additionally, we invite you to experience the book of Esther in a fresh perspective through a creative audio rendition, amplifying its timeless relevance and resonance.

Sermon Schedule:

  • 4/7/24 – Esther 1-2:18
  • 4/14/24 – Esther 2:19-3:15
  • 4/21/24 – Esther 4:1-5:8
  • 4/28/24 – Esther 5:9-7:10
  • 5/5/24 – Esther 8:1-9-11
  • 5/12/24 – Esther 9:11-10:3

Let us journey together in uncovering the rich depths of God’s providence as revealed through the captivating tale of Esther.